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  • About The Chi Net Project

    Dear friends!

    Often people who seek the Long Beard Healer’s help talk about their friends, relatives or mates from different parts of the world, who are also in need of assistance regarding health issues. However, for one reason or another, they cannot visit him personally.

    Occasionally, the convalescence process of some people must continue, despite their required return to work, other commitments or travel. There are cases when he has to urgently influence certain anxiety conditions, as well as, sometimes there is a need of a full-day-health-support ...
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  • Join The Chi Net Project

    Joining the "Chi Net Project" can be done by any of the following modules:

    Short-term treatment (3 days)
    When urgent help is necessary with a health problem, applied for common cold, indisposition, pain in different parts of the body, injury, infirmity, anxiety and other similar conditions requiring immediate intervention.

    Long-term treatment (10 days)
    For health problems requiring prolonged treatment. Applied for chronic pains in different parts of the body, inflammatory processes, permanent disability, allergic diseases ...
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  • About The Long Beard Healer

    It is difficult to write about people like the Long Beard Healer – chinese name Da Hudzi (Long Beard), so because of the huge interest in his various areas of activity, and also, because of his achievements and recognition.

    He started his exploration of the Eastern culture, philosophy, medicine and martial arts in 1967. And over the years, his interest grew more and more, as did his experience.

    Currently, the Long Beard Healer shares his experience with patients from all over the world. As a citizen of the world, he often travels in various countries on calls for treatment of patients or on calls from organized groups ...
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