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Question: I have permanent headache for years. I have been given medication, which was helpful at the beginning and was giving me slight relief, however, not anymore. The pain is terrible. I cannot perform my work and family duties. My life is obsessed by the pain and I have lost hope. Please, could you advise me what can I do?

Answer: Mrs. X, the medication you are taking has only painkilling effect and not a permanent one. The reason is that your body gets used to them and they are not efficient any longer. The pain is only suppressed and it becomes deeper. The problem is in the first top three, cervical, vertebrae – they are inflamed. The nerves, around them are also inflamed and the blood vessels are pressed, which makes it harder for the blood circulation to the head. The vertebrae need to be relived from the inflammation and all will be fine. You could contact me, at your wish and convenience, should you like me to help. I’ll do my best to help.

Question: I get palpitation a few times a day for the last few months and I got frightened. I saw my doctor and made the necessary tests. They told me all was fine with my heart, however, the palpitation continued. I feel stressed, as my work is with people and this state gives me discomfort during important meetings and talks. I’m not sure what I should do. I’m afraid this becomes an obstacle in my business.

Answer: Mr. X, the palpitation is a result of the overloaded nervous system. There is too much stress and tension in your daily life. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the stress, the psychological traumas and tension accumulate in the area of the solar plexus. Often when people feel stressed they say: “I have a pang in my heart” or, “I feel as if choking”, or “I feel I have a boulder in my throat”. So, Mr. X, the stress needs to be relived from the solar plexus and the throat, where, you feel the heaviness. You could call me at your convenience to deal with it and help you.

Question: I have high blood pressure for about a year. The GP prescribed me some medication but I feel worse from it. Recently, by chance, I noticed that my blood pressure is normal at times without having taken the medication. I’m afraid for my health. Please, could you give me some advice? Thank you.

Answer: Mrs. X, the problems with your blood pressure are based on your nervous system, that is why it is fluctuating. You can make a test and measure it when you are calm and do the same when you are under stress and you will see the difference. When you are calm, it will be normal. And if you take your medication when it is normal, it will decrease, thus, making you feel unwell again. You need to calm down your nervous system and all will be fine. You could call me at your convenience to deal with it.

Question: I have been having sharp pain in the lower left back for a few months. The pain started moving downwards on the back of the leg and reached the toes. It is permanent – while I walk, sit or lay down, I feel pain all the time. The GP prescribed medication that was helpful for a couple of days and then the pain returned. I work as a driver and I really have difficulty doing my job. Could you please advise what should I do?

Answer: I understand from the information you are providing that there is inflammation of the sciatica. This is the nerve that starts from the lower back and goes down the back of the leg. Most probably, you have caught cold. Usually, this is a reason for inflamed sciatica. Moreover, it is characteristic pain for the drivers. You can think where from you could be catching the cold – from air conditioning, or what else could be causing the cold in your left back side. If you like, you can contact me for help.

Question: I have been feeling week and feeble for some time. I simply have no energy to do anything. I have often headache and dizziness. The GP has prescribed some medication, however, it was inefficient. Could you please give advice about what can I do? Can you help me?

Answer: Mrs. X, there is nothing to worry about. The reason is the inflammation of the first 3,4 cervical vertebrae (the ones on the top). The blood circulation to the head is not good, therefore, you feel week. The dizziness is due to the vestibularis being affected. You are welcome to contact me for healing the inflammation, after that all will be fine.

Question: I have been feeling numbness in my left hand and the fingers for several months. I thought it might be something to do with the heart. I have made an examination with the GP and the heart proved to be well. However, the numbness in my hand continues. It is an obstacle in my work. Can you help me?

Answer: The numbness of your hand is due to inflammation in the left hand of the 5, 6 and 7th cervical vertebrae. The nerves to the left hand and shoulder are rooted there. We can heal the inflammation of these vertebrae and your condition will improve. Perhaps the situation on the right hand side is the same, however, you have not felt it yet, because it is smaller. We can check and heal it as well. You can contact me at your convenience.

Question: I am 62 years old and I have problems with the prostatic gland.

Answer: Mr. X, I can help with a tried prescription. Eat every morning, before having your breakfast (on empty stomach) 30 grams of shelled (husked) pumpkin seeds. That will be good for you, the results are fantastic. The longer you apply this prescription, the better.

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