About The Long Beard Healer

It is difficult to write about people like the Long Beard Healer – Chinese name Da Hudzi (Long Beard), it is so because of the huge interest in his various areas of activity, and also, because of his achievements and recognition.

He started his exploration of the Far East culture, philosophy, medicine and martial arts in 1967. And over the years, his interest continued to increase, as did his experience.

The Long Beard Healer has been travelling the Far East for more than ten years. There he has met many of the Masters of the ancient healing practices of the traditional martial arts, energy healing methods, and experts of the Far East philosophy and has been exchanging experience with them ever since. He has been maintaining good relationship with many of them. Nowadays, they meet at various international forums and martial arts tournaments.

He has received recognition for his work by prestigious international organizations and has been awarded with special diplomas and certificates. He is a bearer of dozens of gold medals from various world tournaments and forums. His skills are highly valued in the countries of the Far East, and he is regularly invited to various prestigious events.

A major element in his activities is the Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine; he applies mainly the ancient methods of energy healing with and without contact. He is one of the few people in the world, who masters and successfully applies in practice the ancient method of energy remote healing “Wai Chi”. Based on this method, the Long Beard Healer has developed and carried out many large-scale projects in the fields of health, social development, sports and others. For his exceptional achievements with this method and for his success in the application of “Ancient TCM for Local and Distance Healing” he has been included in “the Cambridge Blue Book of Foremost International Health Specialists”.

Currently, the Long Beard Healer shares his experience with patients from all over the world. As a citizen of the world, he often travels in various countries on invitations for the treatment of patients or on calls from organized groups. “Chi Net Project” helps improve the health of thousands of people around the world. Presently he is the President of “Shendao International Far East Academy”, “Institute of Human Energy”, “Shendao Center for Health and Harmony” and participates in other organizations as well.

In his spare time, if any, the Long Beard Healer involves himself in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. He has produced more than 30 solo exhibitions which have triggered enormous interest among connoisseurs and fans of these arts. He is the author of more than 25 books on Far East culture, art and philosophy. He shares his skills with his students and reads lectures.

In ancient China such people are called with respect a Master of the Five Perfections.

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