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Joining the “Chi Net Project” can be done by any of the following modules:

Short-term treatment (3 days) – To be used when urgent help is necessary with a health problem, applied for common cold, indisposition, pain in different parts of the body, injury, infirmity, anxiety and other similar conditions requiring immediate intervention. The sessions are set for half an hour on each round hour, i.e. 12 hours of therapy a day. If necessary, it can be repeated for another 3 days.

Long-term treatment (10 days) – To be used for health problems requiring prolonged treatment. Also, applied for chronic pains in different parts of the body, inflammatory processes, permanent disability, allergic diseases, problems with bones and joints – locomotory system, respiratory system issues, problems with the urinary system, gynecological problems and others.

-When needed, it can be applied for support/healing of emotional-mental health for treatment of psychological traumas, depressions, stress, phobias, insomnia, stressful lifestyle and similar emotional disorders. In addition, energy protection from unwanted external influences and stimuli/irritants.

-Where appropriate, for overcoming the addiction to alcohol, smoking or drugs, through consciousness calming, strengthening the mind and enhancing motivation to overcome the problem.

-In any other specific cases not described so far, and after consultation and consideration of possibilities for impact. The duration of the application of the method should be determined and negotiated according to the complexity of the health problem.

– The treatment is set for periods of 10 days, and is on every even hour for half an hour, i.e. 6 hours of therapy a day. Two days before the end of the period, the application for the next ten days must be made to avoid interruption. Update information on the current condition must be sent together with the new healing period request.

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