Short-term treatment (3 days):
In EUR – 150 (3 days – EUR 50 a day)

In USD – 210 (3 days – USD 70 a day)

The sessions are set for half an hour at each full hour, i.e. 12 hours of therapy a day.

Long-term treatment (10 days):
In EUR 300 (10 days – EUR 30 a day)

In USD – 420 (10 days – USD 42 a day)

The impact is set for periods of 10 days, the impact is on every even hour for half an hour, i.e. 6 hours of therapy a day.

(Valid from the date of payment)

Two days before the end of the period, the application for the next ten days must be made to avoid interruption. Updated information on the current condition must be sent, together with the new healing period request.

Payment method:
-Online payment by Pay Pal

Treatment type

Treatment type

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