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June 2013

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In mid-summer the Long Beard Healer organized another seminar for students and followers in the coolness of the mountains. The workshop consisted primarily of activities in Chigong and the healing effect of its regular practice. He showed various simple techniques and exercises for overcoming different health problems.

There were several discussions about the philosophical aspects of Chinese medicine and martial arts, the relationship of philosophy, medicine and their connection with the martial arts. Not surprisingly, in China they say that one cannot be a good master of Chinese martial arts, unless one knows well the Chinese traditional medicine and philosophy. Both are one and they originate in each other.

April 2013

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This year in April, the Long Beard Healer along with three of his students visited again the largest international Wushu tournament in Hong Kong. The whole team made ??a good impression on both professionals and fans. Their performance was great and together they won eleven medals, eight of them gold.

“I am pleased with our performance” – said the Long Beard Healer. “Their medals are my medals too. I’m happy for their success”. His daughter Anna has made a special impression. She participated in four disciplines and won four gold medals.

March 2013

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In March, finally, came out the long awaited by all fans of educational films the Long Beard Healer Chigong training disc. It is a valuable tool for individual activities at home under the guidance of the experienced Long Beard Healer.

The disc contains of three parts. The first part serves as his business card, representing his work in the field of Chinese art. The second part contains theoretical talk of the Long Beard Healer on the Chinese traditional medicine, philosophy and Chigong. In the third part, he explains in detail and shows the separate exercises and then the whole set together. All this has been completed in a traditional ambience and complimented by appropriate Chinese music.

The interest in this training film was also impressive and the DVD disc became a hot sale in a short while.

February 2013

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During this month, the Long Beard Healer made a Chigong and Chigong Therapy seminar in Berlin. He presented the main basic principles and requirements for the proper practice of Chigong, as well as a basic set of exercises.

The interest among the attendees was very high, as evidenced by the numerous questions regarding the practice associated with breathing and mental work.

January 2013

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After the Christmas and New Years Eve holidays were over and due to the large interest in the book the Long Beard Healer made presentations in different cities. The numerous questions of the readers turned the presentations into a long conversation about health and everything related to it. There were endless questions and after a few hours the meetings had to be interrupted and rescheduled.

December 2012

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The publishing of the latest book by the Long Beard Healer titled “The Canon of Health,” evoked great interest among the health book fans. In his book the Long Beard Healer analyzes all ancient medical schools and how they interpret the causes of human health failure and the methods for successful treatment. The book offers practical ways people can help themselves.

The Long Beard Healer has depicted all this in a simple, laconic, while at the same time the well thought through way and style of ancient Chinese writings. The book is very easy to understand and a good read. The publish date for the book was also, a special, auspicious date – 12.12.2012 year.

November 2012

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The Long Beard Healer delighted his fans with a new exhibition of his art works in the style of traditional Chinese painting (Guo Hua) and traditional Chinese calligraphy (Shu Fa). This time the exhibition opened in November in the prestigious gallery “1908” in the capital.

The attendance was good and mainly from admirers of his art, who appreciated the exhibition. The gallery was suitable for this kind of traditional Chinese art, due to its specific traditional Chinese decor, furniture and artwork.

The official opening of the exhibition was made by a professional in this art critic and connoisseur of Chinese traditional art Mr.Rumen Seraphimov.

October 2012

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October is the month during which the Long Beard Healer traditionally visits the Wudang Mountain in China. This time he travelled to participate in “The 4th World Taijiquan Health Congress” where he delivered a report on the opportunities of applying Qigong Therapy for treatment of various modern diseases related to the impact of stress.
At the same time, the Long Beard Healer took part in the “International Wudang Taiji Championship”. As always on arrival, the Long Beard Healer made a good impression and generated considerable interest. As always, his performance was excellent and together with his daughter they won six medals.

September 2012

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With the onset of autumn the Long Beard Healer opened a solo exhibition in Art gallery “Old Varna”, presenting works in traditional Chinese painting (Guo Hua) and traditional Chinese calligraphy (Shu Fa).

The exhibition was accepted with great interest by the fans of this ancient art, many of his disciples and admirers. During the official opening the Long Beard Healer spoke briefly about the principles and characteristics of these fine arts. Light and soothing Chinese music and amazing flavours, prepared especially for the purpose, complementing the effect of the paintings. Attendees appreciated the highlighted curative effect of the paintings and their healing energy.

June 2012

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The Long Beard Healer organized another Qigong (Chigong), Qigong Therapy and Taiji Quan (Taichi Chuan) seminar in June. And again he chose a mountain base. The seminar attended many of his old students, followers and some new students as well.

Apart from the traditional classes in Qigong and Taiji Quan, the Long Beard Healer showed and explained different Qigong principles and demonstrated various methods of Qigong with the trees in the forest. This prompted undisguised interest among the workshop participants.

His lecture about health was accepted with great interest. The topic was why people get ill. Later he presented different principles and methods of health preservation.

February 2012

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The Long Beard Healer and five of his students visited Hong Kong and participated in the most prestigious international Wushu tournament. He won six medals out of his participation in six disciplines. His daughter, who made her debut on the tournament, won four medals from her participation in four disciplines. The rest of his students won one silver and two bronze medals for their participation in three disciplines. Big exhibition of traditional Chinese painting art (guo hua) and Chinese calligraphy (shu fa) was organized during the time of the tournament. The Long Beard Healer participated with two of his works and they were highly praised and appreciated by both connoisseurs and visitors.

January 2012

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The Long Beard Healer was a guest in several TV programs in January 2012. The reason was his trip to China and his great success in the tournaments in which he participated there. As a result, he has been recognized repeatedly in the monthly sports and journalists surveys such as a sportsmen of the month and others. Also, he has been awarded the sportsmen of the year, chosen among the ten best sportsmen. Almost all national online and traditional media have reported the news.

December 2011

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The Long Beard Healer organized the next Chi Gong and Chi Gong therapy seminar before the Christmas holidays. The seminar was held in one of the mountain resorts and the program included a series of lectures, talks and practical exercises. The interest to the ancient Chinese healing methods, meditation and movement techniques and practice is increasing and so do his followers and fans.

November 2011

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The Long Beard Healer visited Larnaka, Cyprus on the invitation of the husband of a terminally ill woman. He worked with her for one week, six hours daily. Due to the complex and very heavy diagnosis, he needs to work with her for a longer period of time on bi-monthly basis. Simultaneously, in the spare time, during this visit, he accepted patients with various complaints and illness.

October 2011

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The Long Beard Healer visited the Wudang mountain in China on a personal invitation in October 2011. Wudang is the biggest Daoist center in China with many monasteries and sacred places. With his hosts, the Daoist monks he exchanged experience in the application of the ancient Daoist healing practices and methods. Certainly, as a Master in the Chinese martial arts, the Long Beard Healer did not miss on the opportunity to participate in the grand tournament of the Daoist styles of the martial arts. His skills were appreciated highly and he won three medals for the three disciplines he took part in. During his stay in Wudang, the Long Beard Healer gave interviews for several local TV news programmes.